Friday, January 25, 2013

the jasmine in my mind

songs take me away
help me feel free
allow me to be

summer breeze...makes me feel fine....

who knew the turtles had it in them,

....not a care in the world......

i flow with their tone
i sway with their melody
light and airy as can be

but i do know that i love you...

and i know that if you love me too...

what a wonderful world this would be....

la tata ta tata...

sam cooke knew, he  made it light and fun, getting to the point

the minds such a sweet thing....

Friday, November 9, 2012

tree goddess

we live

we grow

we are
just be
be one
with earth
with all

merrium paint for iphone :)

love this app when im stuck waiting 
slight touches light waves of color
moving outward 
full of purpose and determination
beautiful bursts of thought
flows across the palette

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Summertime Blues

A few weeks ago, these two magnificent whales were spotted very close to the shore of my favorite hideout, Long Beach Island, NJ.  They crested beautifully and i wish i could say that i took the picture and saw them breach the surface for real but it wasn't my time to witness that glory of the ocean.  They are awesome and posses the ability to move throughout the sea as if moving through eternity, they are part of the whole, they are able to ebb and flow with the energies of life, of our world.

The summer days are dwindling quickly, more so than in recent years i think.  The sun is setting on my time to soak up it's life giving waves, and i'm feeling a bit empty as the rays pass me by.  I wasn't prepared this year, i certainly spent many a hour, many a day laying in the sand, listening to the surf and gazing into blue skies but it is not enough!  Skies that seem infinite, skies that will allow these summer days to go on forever, but, alas time ticks by and in this part of the world the autumn is setting in regardless of whether i think its to soon or not.

I hope to be able to sneak in time for another visit or two to the beach, i haven't swam enough, i need to swim again.  To prepare myself to end the ease of the peace that only seems to come as i flow with the rhythm that is the tide.  While i swim all of my molecules rejoice and flow at the balance they have found, balance and unity i strive for, trying to maintain throughout the year until i have the opportunity to dive in again, to calm myself with the ebb and flow of the water, moving in and out, pulled by forces in the sky, the moon that shines it's love and balances my life, our lives- freeing, releasing, filling me to the core of my being- an opening of my body to welcome the oneness with the sea, in the energy that is.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fall too soon

   While driving through the small college town of university city, huddled and hidden within the bustle of lives and moving energy of  philadelphia, i found myself waiting in "moving day" traffic for the students... all i wanted that day was a little greek treat, a pork gyro piled high with tzatizike and patates, i did enjoy the sandwich but was left to sit in the city waiting as kids piled lamps and posters, clothes and mini fridges, and all the others things they "need" to prosper during their coming education.  I saw dads grimacing as they lifted items and impatiently waited for their daughters to move out of the way, their heave and ho of items that they are to old and out of shape to be hauling.  School is starting and fall seems to be coming but as i watched the commotion and excitement of new beginnings abounding my eyes traveled towards the sky, ahead of us i saw this tree, as we crept closer to it a sadness began to creep over me. 
    The tree was dying for the year, dropping and letting go of the green of their leaves, letting go of the warm days which fed the blossoming colors feeding from its branches, i thought for a moment about what day is was and was shocked to realize that we were still in the dog days of august, riding the last of the summer heat and sunshine on a final set of waves.  This tree's appearance has thrown me for a loop- why has it dropped it leaves?  in my recollection trees should still be hanging on, still be feeding the green of their leaves.  This is to early, this is off, this is overwhelming to my senses and mind, this is a physical manifestation of our shift- our shift in energies, in realities, in communities, in our earth, in us.  
    I try to welcome change, ive learned it will come regardless of my wishes and without welcoming it, we don't help ourselves by pushing it away, but hinder our progress and growth, as i write this i know it yet i sit wanting to fight this change, this shift of seasons that is happening, in the now i am realizing that this too should be welcomed and not feared, fear? yeah it scares me, my deep patterns try to surface and trigger emotions that could paralyze my growth if i let them.  i wont, this writing that started as griping has been releasing again for my ongoing awareness and growth.  I wont mourn these trees, they are a new beginning, i won't mourn the summer it will come again, the time has come for changes again- i will welcome it. i do welcome it.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


new month....bright days....spring is on it's way....
come soon, i'm wearing thin...this grey and wintery cloud i'm in....
bring me sunshine, make me bright....
help me feel, all is  alright

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rainy, rainy day

                                                          Rain, rain go away
                                                          run away, please do not stay
                                                          Rain, rain go away
                                                          your're making me feel grey

                                                         grey is grey, and not okay
                                                         it's cloudy way overtakes my day
                                                         the wet, the rain, the dark sky above
                                                         makes me want to wrap myself in love

                                                          love reminds me of brighter days
                                                          I feel the warmth and inside it stays
                                                          colors of light mingle in the drops
                                                          brightness dazzling, it never stops
                                                          umbrellas shade us from the rain
                                                          they help to prevent much of our pain
                                              love is an umbrella that protects us from the rains of life